dimanche 26 mai 2024

Mother’s Day.

Hello Friends!
Still waiting for my peonies to open!
Roses are coming out everywhere in the garden 

I got a new friend for the little garden, a wind hopper 
Yesterday we built the ikea bed for Maxime. Now everything is ready! I can relax!
It took us (some) time to build it…

 Yesterday morning we had to go to three shops to get the stairs protection gates ( two to install)

Now I have to wait for the deliveries from Dubaï. They are sending some items by UPS not to have to carry them with the two children.
Today it’s Mother’s Day here and we are going to our daughter’s home for the day!

Happy Mother’s day to you!

5 commentaires:

  1. Happy Mothers Day to a wonderful Mom and Grandma!
    You've done so much work to be ready for those sweet boys to arrive.
    Your garden is spectacular!

  2. I noticed buds on several roses yesterday. My one peony hasn't popped either. It is now raining again after being dry yesterday. We woeked in the garden for a couple of hours.
    That is a sweet little bed for Maxime. You deserve to be well treated on your Mother's Day. You are one amazing grandmother.

  3. What a dear little bed. It looks quite tempting!

  4. Happy late Mother's Day!!

  5. The little bed for Maxime is so cute..
    I hope you had a lovely Mothers Day.


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