jeudi 9 mai 2024

After our outing, it is now a working day!

Today, was working day! I have been painting the whole day.
My little garden shed has been damaged by a storm, so we bought some wood panels to repair it but the paint specialist been me ! I had to do it!
The field is full of bees 🐝 
White colombines are my préfÚres ones
New rhododendron flowers
After work, sitting in a recliner 

 Spring has arrived, but will it stay?

We already did quite a lot of work outside and inside.

All will be done before July!

3 commentaires:

  1. To enjoy the garden you must first be tired!
    Very beautiful flowers, the little house, everything!

  2. Your work is paying off, everything looks lovely!
    Tomorrow you will need to rest.

  3. Everything is looking so good. Your hard work shows!!


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