samedi 18 mai 2024

Working hard on our project.

Yesterday, I found these two outside solar lamps 
 That o will use for our garden project.
Some more roses coming out
We must get some black pebbles to cover the green plastic to prevent weeds . One planter has clematis and lavender and I must get some more plants tomorrow morning. I installed some solar lights, butterfly and found some ladybirds  🐞 for Maxime.

On the opposite corner we will put some wild flowers.

Today, the weather was beautiful and I could dry the laundry  🧺 outside!
I  wish you a nice Sunday!

5 commentaires:

  1. It's looking so nice, you're doing great work!
    We have some similar solar lanterns and love them. Here's post I did about them, so you can see how much they look like yours:

    Enjoy the nice weather and get a little rest!

  2. Cute little birdhouses made of straw(?). The lanterns are nice too.

  3. Your lamps Katerina are beautiful, but also the wall with the lanterns is amazing.
    I think you will create an amazing garden!
    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  4. The lanterns look great. You're creating a wonderful space for yourselves and for your family to enjoy.


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