jeudi 23 mai 2024

Hope for better weather!

Hello Friends!
Yesterday after the roofer came, I decided to go out and have a look at the toy shop.
At the moment Maxime’s parents have a helper at home because our DIL will start  next month and they must have a baby for William. Maxim is going to the kindergarten during the day.
At the moment he is found of cleaning!
So I decided to get a cleaners trolley for him!
I have spent the afternoon fixing all the toy parts and discovered that the vacuum clean even makes sound!
I am waiting for peonies to open but as there is no sun and a lot of rain they are not open yet. They will be pink and yellow.
Foxgloves are beginning 

Today we have a bit of sunshine, but for how long?
Too much rain this month I hope it will improve soon.

7 commentaires:

  1. Nice toy, he will learn to sweep.
    Your garden is gorgeous in bloom.

  2. Your flowers are so pretty, will be even more pretty when the peonies open up. I think they are so pretty but we can't get them to bloom in our yard.
    Maxime will like that cleaners trolley!

  3. Maxime will love the cleaner!! How fun!
    Love the flowers!

  4. Maxime will have so many wonderful things to play with and look at that he won't want to leave!
    Your blooms are just ahead of ours. We've had cold weather again and finally got some real rain.

  5. Oh! The anticipation of those flowers! I can't wait to see!

  6. Maxime is going to love his little cleaning trolly.

  7. Your yellow peony is so pretty. Maxime will have so much fun with the cleaning toy.


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