samedi 29 octobre 2022

Saturday outing.

Today, Saturday we went to  a village called «  le Bec Helloin » an abbey is on the center of the village and there is a unique shop where the lady sells Maileg.
When we were there the bells rang 11.15.
The people in the park were mostly people from Paris on Autumn holidays. They come to Normandy to rest and enjoy Nature. 

This is the Abbey
Tourist from Paris also took pictures and said it was the typical post card from Nou!

A calf with his mother

The other part of the monastery 

The church is situated in ancient stables.
There is a resemblance between Nature outside and the inside of the church don’t you think so?

The little shop where I find my Maileg house and little mice.

Part of the village. We had a pancakes outside ( it was 20C) strange to eat outside end of October in Normandy !
And a lemon pie 🍋 
It was my first outing since three weeks, but I am still not well enough to go out long. It takes a long time to be back to normal after covid.
But it was nice to breathe even if I had a mask on my face.
( I found some new Maileg items for the house show you next week)

5 commentaires:

  1. What a beautiful place - both inside and out. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy it. I know it took me a long time to recuperate after covid too.

  2. I'm glad you were able to get out for a little while. Yes, the architecture of the trees arched over the roadway is certainly echoed in the arches of the church. What a lovely comparison.

  3. A beautiful outing! So glad you were able to finally get out and have some fun.

  4. What a lovely outing. I'm sure it did you good.



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