jeudi 20 octobre 2022

A DIY moment.

This morning I was reading this book I’ve bought three weeks ago, and as I am getting bored not being able to go out at the moment.
I remembered I found some glass tassels coming from a church chandelier ( they were going to the rubbish)
I only needed Mod  Podge and some nice paper.I made eight different ones, different sizes.


Now I must find a place to use them in my decoration.(source “fait part moi” Adeline Soulignac alias Lili Bohème) Dessain & Tolra 

7 commentaires:

  1. C'est belle!

    (If I remember my high school French!)

  2. Good ways to keep busy as you slowly recover.

  3. Oh, I love chandelier tassels and they are so hard to come by here. I can't imagine sending them to the refuse dump. They are very pretty the way you have decorated them. It's a sign that you are improving if you're getting bored.

  4. They turned out beautiful! Good project to do while you are recuperating.

  5. How artistic and creative you are!!!!!!

    "Hark! The wind is rising,
    And the air is full of leaves.
    We've had our summer evenings.
    Now, for October Eves."


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