vendredi 21 octobre 2022

Here comes the weekend !

 I have just found a place on the mirror for the tassels 
I am having a rest for a moment after the cleaning of the floors and posting on my blog while it is drying !
Mr L says I must rest, but …
Tonight Mr L is bringing some dishes from the little restaurant next to his office like every  Friday evenings, so I will not have to cook.
This weekend I will stay home to rest before I am on my feet again and go out.
At the moment I am crocheting and watching Barnaby on tv.
This week end we are going to build again the Maileg doll house ( I should say mice house!)
Yesterday I have ordered some Maileg items from a shop I know and Mr L will fetch them while he is going out to the chemist. I hope everything will be installed for a picture on Monday. This house will be for Maxim
He will take care of  it I hope! 😆 

I wish you a good weekend !

5 commentaires:

  1. Yes, you must rest and not exert yourself too much until you are better. The glass crystals look so pretty on the mirror - a perfect place for them!
    Putting the Maileg house together will be very enjoyable.
    Not having to prepare food today because your husband is bringing some home leaves time for more relaxation. We are having friends over for dinner and I am making a chicken pot pie.

  2. We treated ourselves to take and bake pizza yesterday for dinner. It was a treat not to have to cook. Good for you for getting take out. Also good for you for taking it easy. This virus can come back and get yuou if you are not careful.
    Your crystal tassels look great.

  3. The tassels are perfect there! I think Maxim will like the house and take care of it.
    Rest and get better!

  4. Having a custom of not-having-to-cook on Fridays is a great idea.
    The Maileg house and accessories are so cute! I see them on-line and I know I'd love them. I'm sure Maxim will too but maybe he'll have to be older.

  5. Another delightful peek at your home!!! But of course, I want more!!! :-))))

    Love a day when I do not have to cook. Each Sat. we send out for a delivered Pizza. It is a fun treat.

    "Hark! The wind is rising,
    And the air is full of leaves.
    We've had our summer evenings.
    Now, for October Eves."


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