mercredi 22 mai 2024

THE roof!

Here is our young man! ( very serious!)

 Early this morning the roofer had to come in urgency!

We had a terrible thunder and very heavy rain two nights ago and there was a leak in one bedroom. It was a roof window that had a problem. I was really stressed just before our son’s arrival as it is their bedroom.

They just left and it is repaired now I can relax! Since the beginning of May we must rush to work outside because of the constant heavy rain!

On Sunday, it will be Mother’s Day here and we will

Have lunch with our daughter, but before we will have to build Maxime’s bed and prepare the bedroom still a lot of work to do!

5 commentaires:

  1. Oh Catherine - I love that picture of Maxime! He is looking older and very handsome!
    Glad the roof got fixed. Life has been a whirlwind over there.
    Hope you can relax on Mothers Day other than putting that bed together.

  2. Oh he is sooo Cute and yes really serious man :)))
    thanks for sharing this lovely image Catherine :)
    sorry for your roof issue ,we have had torrential rains last year and more than half of our rooms trembled badly and we had to renovate .it took three months work .i can relate
    best wishes for your work friend

  3. What a cute young man!:) Be proud of him!

  4. I'm glad you could get quick service on that roof repair. Now you need to be careful not to over stress yourself. This visit is supposed to be a joyous one.

  5. Good thing the roof could be fixed and so quickly too.
    Maxime looks so handsome!!


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