mardi 7 septembre 2021

Laundry make over and Brioche.

 As I told you this first brioche was… a brick!

But I did not dispair  and baked a second one before the bread machine left the house and go to the thrift store!

And this time was a success !

I tasted it with some of my peach jam and it was very good, Bandit agrees!

At the same time, as it was 30 C outside, I stayed inside and worked on my Fall display and used my little glass cloches.

Today, we will have thunderstorm, the heat will come down this afternoon with the rain.

The painter did not want to paint the splash back,but I had some paint in stock and I decided to try… and it is done , no waste I don’t have to change it!
This was the before.
This are the new colours 

The window will be changed and will be white.

On Saturday, I found these light grey plastic baskets to keep vases…on the shelf.

I still have to paint two pieces of furniture, but wait for Mr L to carry them. The new windows will be plain, no wood squares.

It will be better with a new white boiler than this orange colour.

I have got some work left, but have plenty of time to do it.

Bonne journée! To be continued….

7 commentaires:

  1. Good thing that you tried the Brioche recipe again and succeeded. It looks wonderful. So does that line of grey baskets which can hold so much and keep things neat and tidy.

  2. you have great taste for interior dear Catherine :)

    i liked the glimpses of you home ,very nice and elegant !

    your bread looks really delicious ,what an adorable fall display :)

    hoe storm is harmless .
    great job with paint indeed .

  3. Nice job on the painting! Things look fresh and neat. I watch a lady on YouTube who makes felted animals. It looks like a lot of work and yours are wonderful. (I think the YouTube lady's name is Jeri Landers?) Keep up the good work! :)

  4. Oh, and you inspire me to do more bread baking! Haven't made any in years. It's a nice winter activity, I think.

  5. Lovely bread baking! It´s time for that now...
    Love from Titti

  6. I love your felted wool woodland display under the glass domes. Just magical. The painted backsplash looks great! It is all coming together so beautifully.

  7. The fragrance of baking bread is so wonderful, and then to eat a fresh slice. MMMM! How pretty your autumn display is.


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