mercredi 2 juin 2021

Blooming in the garden.

 The first rose from this rose bush! It will soon have hundred of roses all summer. Full of bees soon, my neighbours having beehives in their garden.

The first purple rose also appeared.
Chives living on the alley.
Poppies from different colours , going from pink to red and orange.

The Mockoranges ( Seringat) not sure of the translation.
Is in full bloom and smells so nice, especially at night after a hot day. Yesterday was sunny and warm 28C, but today we are expecting thunder storm.
Yellow roses are starting to bloom.

Lavenders are blooming soon and will add a nice perfume and will give food to the bees. 
Spring is here, already 19C this morning!

8 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful flowers! It is always amazing to see how all the flowers come when time is there. We wait so long through spring, and suddenly it is flowers and green everywhere.

  2. I like lavenders, too. I also keep them at home.
    You have very nice flowers. Thanks for the photos.I enjoy them.
    It is good that the weather is nice there. You can go out to the garden.

  3. How beautiful. It must be so fragrant when they are all blooming. Gorgeous! I love mock oranges, too. They are hard to find these days. Your lavender has made a nice big clump!

  4. So many pretty blooms! We have too many deer and rabbits. I've given up on doing much gardening. Too lazy to put up fences! :) But I do like to see other people's gardens!

  5. My garden is full of flowers too, but no roses yet. I pruned them back hard this year.
    I can imagine the fragrance in your garden.

  6. Beautiful flowers. This is a wonderful time in the garden.

  7. So many beautiful flowers! I would love to wander through your gardens.

  8. Your garden looks beautiful. Thank You for sharing these lovely photos as everything is bare & grey & wintery here - your pictures warm my soul. 😊❤


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