lundi 28 juin 2021

Painting and cat news.

Hello Friends,

I have a picture and news from the stray cat in Dubai!
She is no more under the sofa and she is very friendly!
There is a difference in her eyes and fur with the two before pictures.
Last week I left my son on Skype with hair and beard and this week, probably too hot all is gone!


We have always had pets in our home and my son did not have one for ten years where he lives. His wife is télé working since the pandemic and has no contact with the outside , I think it is a good idea for her as well.
When going abroad there are very good structures to look after your pet in Dubai.
Here, we are still in « Autumn time » cold and lots of rain!
I saw on tv that some of you have more than 40C they said in Canada the weather was as hot as in Dubai!
It must be very difficult and I don’t complain and prefer to be cold.
All the flowers in the garden are ruined! I can’t take any pictures.
Today, the painter is coming to begin the work.
Yesterday, they ave informed me they will come to change the boiler the 14 and 15th of October, I hope it won’t be too cold!
Concerning the windows I should know pretty soon.

The room will be painted in light grey the boiler will be white and we decided to re use the old cupboards and paint them in Nordic blue, to bring a fresh touch.

I hope the weather will improve for everybody!
Take good care and see you soon.
The before picture!

6 commentaires:

  1. I think you worked a lot in your house this year and you will work in the future, too. Enjoy the result!:)
    The cat is cute.
    It is hot here, I want to have colder weather.

  2. It must be a relief to know the stray cat has become friendly.
    She's quite a pretty one.

  3. We are cooler today after three very hot days. The next ten days look like perfect summer weather with highs in the low to upper 80's. We are relieved.

  4. Here it is hot and it just keeps raining!
    The kitty looks happy and so does your son.
    I like your color scheme - the room will look so nice!

  5. The cat does look happy with your son. Our hot hot weather has cooled down and I am much more comfortable. It was really unbearable.
    Your new paint colours sound lovely.

  6. I can't wait to see the room repainted. It is always amazing to me how new paint makes things suddenly look so expensive and delightful. The cabinets will be amazing in the blue. I wonder if the cat your son rescued has already been spayed. Here, they "tip" the ear like that if the cat has been caught and neutered. What a kind heart your son and DIL have, to rescue the kitty. She rewards them by being BEAUTIFUL, what a face and what lovely fur! I am sorry the weather has ruined your blooms. Maybe this autumn, they will have recovered for a bit?


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