dimanche 13 juin 2021

A Sunday’s rest.

 Hello friends,
Today, my ankle is bad again and I have to wear a foot orthosis for six weeks!
Mr L is cleaning the garden chairs while I am sitting outside resting my ankle.
I have the workers for the air conditioning who are coming tomorrow and one more quote on Tuesday.
I decided which firm I will choose for the changing of doors and windows.
Here we must change our windows and doors and heating to improve the insulation of houses and use bioclimatic means of heating.
As we want to move within 3 or 4 years when MrL retires.
From where I am I can see the rose bushes  with SO many flowers!
It is hot and we are having blue sky as you can see.

I can hear the bees coming from our neighbours hives, collecting nectar from the flowers and the new born sparrows singing and looking at me from the gutter and the cooing of pigeons.
I will have a busy week and don’t know how I am going to cope with my ankle…
I hope your’re having a quiet Sunday and a good week.

4 commentaires:

  1. I'm sorry to hear that your ankle is still acting up. I hope you can stay off of it and keep it elevated despite your busy week ahead. Where I am you do not have to update houses, but it is hard to sell them if they are not updated. Will you stay in the same area when Mr. L retires?

  2. Sorry about the sore ankle. I hope wearing that support will help. The roses are so beautiful and I love that blue, blue sky!!

  3. I sorry that ankle keeps bothering you.
    The roses and blue sky are so pretty!

  4. i have my knee just like your ankle my friend
    i hope and pray you feel better asap!

    best wishes for all you choose to do


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