mardi 22 juin 2021

Home tour.

 Hello Friends,

As the weather is horrible, heavy showers and thunder all the time. I decided to take pictures inside and make a tour of the house.

The hall. The door will change to be like this one, but adapted to the shape of the door.

It will be white inside and light green outside.

The shower room downstairs. I chose black and white.

The downstairs pink bedroom.
The kitchen.

The living room.

Craft room and laundry

Upstairs. The light is not very good due to the weather.
For the moment we are lucky, in some part of France they have been flooded and some had tornadoes !
All the flowers are spoiled and we can’t go in the garden.
I hope we will have better days soon.

10 commentaires:

  1. You have a nice house. I like all the photos. The weather is hot here.It is awful.I suffer a lot from it.

  2. You have such a charming home, filled with things you love.

  3. Your home is just lovely! That black and white bathroom is beautiful and I really like the beams in the living room.

  4. You have a beautiful home. I'm sorry you are having such awful weather. Hopefully it improves soon.

  5. Delightful. Your living room is especially lovely.

  6. I did not realize that France got tornadoes, too. How scary! Sorry about all the dreary weather. And the rain-ruined blooms! But your home is just so lovely. It's incredible, really!

  7. I hope you have better days too - especially as it is your summertime.
    Your home is a lovely combination of style and homeliness, thanks for sharing it with us :)

  8. Hej Catherine, ik heb genoten van je rondleiding. Het ziet er allemaal sfeervol uit. Fijn weekend, Willy

  9. Your Home is very beautiful - I love your pictures.

  10. Very pretty decor, I like the grey wallpaper/paintwork it's calming and neutral so if you are thinking ahead to selling should appeal to many potential buyers. We painted our house pale grey throughout this year with the same plan in mind.


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