lundi 14 juin 2021

Workers in the house

 Today, is the day to install the air conditioning!

Bandit and I are in my bedroom since 9 as the workers go through the entire house! Fortunately it is not raining!!!

I can rest my ankle and Bandit is getting very bored.

On Saturday, Mr L cut the grass in our field as the grass was already starting to grow. Yesterday, one of the neighbour had his hay done, but it was very noisy.

Today, we are having 30C we will  be glad to have air conditioning tonight!

I hope I can go downstairs soon!

Have a nice day!

The work ended at 3 o’clock.

I need your help! My son in Dubai has adopted a stray cat from a rescue organisation.

The cat is two years old and is under the armchair since Saturday 

Does not eat much and cries during the night. I had lots of cats in the past but baby cats. I think it will be difficult with a two year old cat. Have you got any idea?

My point of view is that it will take very long!

If you have any advices they will be welcomed.

Thank you.

8 commentaires:

  1. Enjoy the air conditioning in hot summer!:)

  2. That looks a lot like we call a "mini split" here. It is a compact air conditioner, not a window unit but not central air exactly, either. They are very economical to run and do not require duct work, which is difficult to put in historic homes. I am sure you will enjoy it, and Bandit can get his share of the cool air, too!

  3. So nice for you to have air conditioning! Our neighbor farmer baled his hay a couple of days ago. I love to watch him, even though it is a little dusty and noisy. :)

  4. I love the smell of new hay. It's one of the things this city girl misses from her country girl youth.
    Sounds like you had a productive day, and the job was done in time for using your new air conditioning when you needed it.

  5. I don't know what you could do with that poor cat except be patient and hope it calms down and begins to eat more and be brave enough to come out from its hiding place. I hope it all works out.

  6. Hooray for the air conditioning!
    I wish I had cat advice. Hopefully he settles in soon.
    I great up on a farm and always loved haying season. There is nothing like the smell of fresh cut hay.

  7. With 30 C I am sure you will enjoy your air conditioning! Poor cat, I hope it will feel safe soon.

  8. dear Catherine first of all thank you so much for kind visit and words to my place !

    i am happy to found through your visit my friend because i could see how beautifully you blog .you live in a heavenly surroundings as i too love to live in lush serene village but i had to move to this city after my marriage .though it is grace of lord that he has blessed me with small garden area and open sky over my front yard !
    i loved your fields and views so much.
    congratulations for the air conditioner ,i hope you will feel cool and better :)
    my mother had cat but it was when i was little ,no experience for the pet i am sorry ,hope vet doctors advises best to your son to deal with this issue .
    more blessings to you and family!


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