lundi 7 novembre 2022

Like a Monday…

We had a rainy Sunday and stayed inside reading and watching TV and went to visit my mother who still is in hospital 
On Saturday  we went to the shop to get my Maileg ironing board I had ordered and at the same time bought new items . These two Xmas dolls a bath and washbasin , two armchairs, two new beds and I have crocheted a bed cover and decided to get lights ( at Action)


This is the house with light! I must make curtains and more bed covers. I am preparing the Xmas decoration 
For the house.
Isn’t this baby bed cute?
Tomorrow I have an appointment at the local hospital where my 94 year old mother is. She is still there after her heart attack, brain stroke and now bowel obstruction…she refused two opportunities to go to a retirement home last year after a stay in hospital and now I hope I can find one for her because she needs nursing care.

They’ll help me to find a retirement home for her , which is difficult to find when in a rush. I hope I can manage quickly.
Today like a Monday I did the laundry, cooking for tonight, carrot soup, oatmeal cookies, endive salad, rice pudding and tonight egg and cheese omelette, cauliflower and baked apple for a few days!

5 commentaires:

  1. The Maileg house with all the different pieces of furniture etc. is just adorable. I feel I'd enjoy arranging it myself!!
    I hope your mother gets well enough to leave the hospital and you can find a lovely home where she can be cared for. It must be a big concern for you.

  2. Your little house is getting filled up! It's a lot of fun to furnish and decorate a doll house.

  3. Your little house is so cute! I love all the additions you've made to it!
    I hope they find a good place for your mom.

  4. The Maileg house with the lights is so pretty. I think I would want to play with it even as a grownup woman.
    I hope you find a good place for your mom. It's hard when our parents age.
    You did a lot of delicious sounding cooking!

  5. Outstandingly done house no doubt!
    Sorry for your mom my friend. Hope you will find her home asap


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