samedi 26 novembre 2022

Starting Christmas decorations..

Yesterday, I started my Xmas decorations on the fire place mantel and on the console. It took me a long time to to take the Autumn decoration off and get the Xmas ones. But last year I have put label on the boxes and it is easier to know where to look for.
It is early morning and the light is poor. We have a lot to do today so we must get up early.

I have send some Xmas presents to my son, as he is not coming for Xmas because their flat owner is selling it and they have to move.
I have sent the parcel on Tuesday, it has arrived in Dubai but is blocked at the customs !
I hope everything is ok I am always scared when I send a parcel nowadays, customs are very strict.

 I wish you a nice weekend.

3 commentaires:

  1. How pretty your mantel looks with the Christmas decorations. I hope the parcel soon gets out of customs in Dubai. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I bought ingredients for Christmas baking today. I will begin taking down autumn decorations and then we'll clean house. Decorating for Christmas will take most of this week. There will be lots to do now but I can take my time.

  3. It looks so pretty! Your home always looks so classy.


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