vendredi 25 novembre 2022

Christmas time is arriving… đŸŒČ


We will soon light up  the first candle of Advent  đŸ•Ż️ and soon begin to decorate our homes.
Each year it’s a surprise when I look into my Xmas boxes as I have many decorations and after one year
I always discover some I had forgotten about.

Each Saturday we go seed shopping for the birds, 7 kilos a week! Plus coconuts filled with seeds and dried fruits, dehydrated worms, peanuts…
They eat too much and have to much energy and bang into our windows as they fly so quickly ! 😆
We have all the birds from the neighbourhood in our garden!
What they like best are peanuts đŸ„œ.
A belated « Happy Thanksgiving » to our blog friends from USA!
Hope you’ll enjoy your weekend.

4 commentaires:

  1. This morning I planted the narcissus and amaryllis bulbs for blooming indoors. I'm looking forward to the beginning of Advent on Sunday and plan to get my candles ready today
    What a lot of food your birds eat! They must love coming by your place.

  2. We haven't been feeding the birds since bird flu and other diseases started to spread last year. I miss them at our feeders.
    Decorating for Christmas will start here next week!

  3. The birds are fun to watch. We have feeders outside our window at work and also go through a lot of seed.
    Our house is starting to look Christmasy too. :)

  4. With just one month until Christmas we're all busy getting ready.
    Your birds go through quite a lot of birdseed!!


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