mardi 22 mars 2022

When you don’t recognise your son….

 Hello friends,

The expedition has a blog and this morning when I woke up I had a look at it. I was looking for my son and did not recognised him!
They had storms and some tents were damaged. They will be skiing about 10 to 20 km a be young to do such things!

Here, the sun shines , it will be shining all week.
I am waiting for the technicians to come as there is a problem with my boiler electronic again. They already came yesterday and have to change the electronic part again! It has only 6 months 
We don’t have to pay but I am worried for the future !
We already had this brand of boiler which was a very good one but by this time there was no electronic !
We have heating, but no hot water or we have hot water but no heating ! The machine’s brain is confused 🤔 

Today, I will be waiting for the technicians again and will finish my book. I don’t know if I will be able to sit outside reading?
Yesterday we had 17 C . 
Today I rescued and saved all my neighbors hens! A dog 🐶 succeeded to enter the poultry and was beginning to attack these poor  hens. I urgently phoned my neighbor who hurried and saved his hens.
From the back window I can see the hens I am happy they did not die. But this dog is a nuisance in the street his owners live him outside all day out in the street.

Covid is coming back and Mr L is not feeling well I hope we will be ok. Here no more obligation to wear masks , but we keep ours as the number of COVID is growing each dam same for the flue which is back!
I hope you’ll have a nice day.

5 commentaires:

  1. Well, I hope your son is enjoying his extreme adventure. It does not look like fun to me.
    I hope you stay safe and healthy. I fear none of us is done with the plague yet.

  2. Your son looks very frosty!!
    I'm glad you noticed that dog and were able to alert your neighbour to save his hens.

  3. Brrrr. Your son looks cold! He is so adventurous. I do hope your boiler concerns can be resolved. It's good to have both hot water and heat!

  4. That is an awesome shot of your son, but it makes me cold just to see it!
    Yay to you for saving the chickens.

  5. Oh your son looks really frosty and cold! Last weekend our neighbours dog hunted our hens too! It was crazy but fortunally we could save my dear hens...
    Well, have a lovely day now and take care.
    (Restrictions are gone here too but the Covid is still high! I stay at home as much as I can...)


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