mercredi 10 juillet 2024

Market day

Today, fortunately the weather was fine and warm so we went back to the market to get fruits and vegetables and… see the animals !
Guinea pigs 🐹 rabbits 🐇 roosters 🐓 and hens!
So unusual to see animals for Maxime.

Then we went to a big arboretum park to see very big trees

Bandit with Maxime

Our garden flowers at the moment.
Grandma is very tired tonight we did a lot and walked 5 kms so grandma is going to have a rest!

5 commentaires:

  1. Good job, Grandma. You have earned your rest.

  2. What wonderful experiences for Maxime!!

  3. What fun for Maxime - and Grandma too. I love the curls in his hair.

  4. What good programs for Maxime! :)

  5. Rest well.
    You definitely deserve it!
    This is wonderful experiences for Maxime!
    Your hydrangeas are gorgeous, I have it in pink !!


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