mardi 9 juillet 2024

A busy rainy day!

Today, we are having heavy rain, last week strong wind an one of our trees had big broken branches again.

So today Maxime and I are doing the cleaning đŸ§č one following the other 😆 

But now Maxime is doing it on it’s own!

Yesterday we went to get myself an other phone and it’s connected watch mine were getting old and I chose it with my son. We waited a long time at the shop.

We should go to the zoo and visit a place outside but with the rain it is not easy with two children.


6 commentaires:

  1. Aww...Maxime is a big help to you! lol
    Too Sweet!!
    Glad you are having a wonderful visit!

  2. I hope the weather will be good soon and you can go to the zoo. Maxime is a very hardworking boy, it's good to see the pictures. It's 37 degrees here, very hot.

  3. Maxime is doing great work - and with a big smile on his face!
    Hope the weather clears and you can all visit the zoo.

  4. How unfortunate that the weather is so wet. Hopefully you will soon get some sunny days!

  5. Work can be fun when you do it together.

  6. Oh how cute Maxim is with the Swiffer in his hand!
    You would have a lot of help cleaning up!


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