lundi 3 juin 2024

Any ideas ?

 Hello friends !

During our outing our son has sent us Maxime’s end of year nursery report with some pictures taken there.

When playing roles Maxime likes to be a doctor ( like grandpa but grandpa I reassure you put the stethoscope in his ears! 😂!) or he wears the pilot costume and is the pilot of the plane with his friends being the passengers.

He has friends and his kind to others. He sorts out the place after he has played and put the toys away cleans the place and many other compliments. 

I have a question for you. My grandson speaks English

And I was wondering how your grandchildren called you? Grandma, but maybe different names ?

I am waiting for your ideas!

6 commentaires:

  1. Sweet little Maxime! That's such a lovely report.
    My Granddaughters all call me Grandma. I've also heard Granny, Gran, Memaw (that seems to be a southern US thing), Nana.
    I'll be anxious to hear what Maxime uses.

  2. We are Gamma and Gampa...our daughter and SIL are, Lolli and Pops.
    Fun names...He's adorable! A future physician!

  3. For a while when she was preschool age, my granddughter called me Grandmother. I loved it. She probable did this because when they visited from Colorado, we played dress up games in the garden and I was the Fariy Godmother. Wonderful times.
    Now I am just Gramma.

  4. We have always been Grandpa and Grandma, very English!

  5. I'm called Gran now but when the grandchildren were little I was Granny ( and DH was/is Grandad).

  6. Ah, now I know why you were asking about what you want Maxime to call you. Nana is my name, as I mentioned in the other post.


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