mardi 4 juin 2024

My new finds.

 Hello Friends,

Thank you for your help. I am thinking about how I would like to be called by my grandsons, the other grandma from Moldova is called « Buni » from Bunica which means grandma I may choose Granny or Nana ?i have less than three weeks to make a decision !

Yesterday I did the laundry and some tidying while Bandit was not there.

Today, I must do my grocery shopping and go to the kennel to take him home. He goes in a hotel room and I hope he did not make any destructions because there has been some problems with some dogs and they decided that we have to pay. I have an insurance but I think he will not go to the hotel any more but a heated kennel not to have  any problems !

While on weekend we had time to look at the shops and we both found some new summer clothes … if summer arrives! I love to wear linen garments and I found a dress and light jacket, (we are the first flax producers ) .I also found what here we call a banana bag ( it was fashionable in the 90’s !) easier to wear when I have to use my stick.

I found a nice pop up book for Maxime ( his father took an aquarium pass for the year because Maxim wants to go and see the fish every weekend !)

I found a whale soft toy for William, a T-shirt for my son and Max.

Pop up book

Maxime’s T-shirt 
Ours son asked for a T-shirt of the Memorial Day.
He loves anything from Normandy after 15 years in Dubaï he feels sometimes home sick!

Enjoy your day!

5 commentaires:

  1. You had a successful shopping trip! I like the clothes you bought and I know the books, shirts and t-shirt will be liked by the boys.
    Bob's niece married someone from Romania and that Grandma is called Buni too. It's fun seeing all the different names.

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun shopping, and success too.

  3. I like being called Nana by my grandchildren. Isn't Mimi a French equivalent? No matter what they call you, they will love being with you. I like the linen shirt.

  4. You found some great things when you went shopping. I think the Pop-up book about fish will be a big hit.

  5. I love the coolness of linen in the Summer........but it does crease badly.


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