jeudi 6 juin 2024

Busy days and Happy days!

 Hello Friends !

This morning the sun shines! We will have a nice weekend and we will be able to do a barbecue.

We have a lot of work to catch up  in the garden and we’ll be busy before our vacations.

The children are arriving soon and I will have to plan cooking and outings for their holidays here.

Our vacations will be before their arrival.

Last night I received a message from our son who is in Egypt for his work. He has sent me pictures that make me think of Hercule Poirot’s Agathe Christie!

His hôtel 

Tomorrow our daughter and SIL are leaving for the Netherlands. They are going by car to the north of France, leave their car and go by bike to Amsterdam !
 So we are a busy family for the moment !

I will come sometimes on my blog until august as I must welcome our grandchildren, especially Maxime 
Who I first met when he was 5 months old and now nearly 2 and a half and I am so impatient to hold them in my arms!
William is a nice baby of  5 months in July and he will need our attention too.
So, I am going to take a break and try to visit your blogs during the Summer.

See you soon and take good care!

4 commentaires:

  1. Your sons pictures of Egypt are beautiful! It does look like Hercule Poirot. Yes, your family is so busy right now!
    You have so many fun things ahead, vacation and then time with family. I'm happy for you. :)

  2. To be happy and also busy is to be blessed. Have a wonderful visit with your children.

  3. Wishing you a lovely family time.


  4. Hello Catherine, your son's pictures of Egypt are very beautiful. I couldn't write to you because we were on vacation in Croatia and I neglected writing in my blog a bit.
    I'm really looking forward to your family visiting you and to being able to hug your grandchildren after such a long time. All the best to you and have a nice weekend. Éva


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