dimanche 2 juin 2024

An instructive outing

Early in the morning we visited an old nuclear submarine called » le redoutable »
I already visited the submarine, but my husband didn’t 
So I went with him, but I forgot I was older… and believe me it was so difficult with a stick to go up and down the submarine stairs!

We visited the aquarium and the ocean’s life
A big cruise boat was in Cherbourg harbour coming from the USA and a lot of cruse passengers in the museum. We already went on cruises and it was very inviting …to go on board!

This is the harbour station where the Titanic had a stop in April 1912 before the ship wreck happened on April 14th.
All the big cruise boats came to this harbour station before crossing the Ocean. Many migrants going to the USA.
Here was the ship
Life on the boat
First class cabin

Some of the collected things from the boat

What it was like.

We had a nice weekend a very instructive one.

On our way home we crossed many jeeps, trucks from the secondWW  and men wearing soldiers costumes ready for the 6th of June commemorations.
Many roads were already closed ready for the officials arrival from different countries.

We had very nice weather and enjoyed our outing this is what we needed both, a break!
We are going back to continue our trip in a few weeks
And hope the weather will be fine again!
I wish you a lovely week.

4 commentaires:

  1. More history! I like it that you like to learn when you travel.

  2. Looks like an interesting time. We toured a sub once and I know how hard it is to get around in them.

  3. Life on board looks like it was quite comfortable, especially in first class cabins.


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