mardi 15 février 2022

Valentine flowers.


I hope you had a nice Valentine. This is what I received last evening, I love white flowers.
I am still busy preparing my travel, today I reserved the kennel forBandit and yesterday I took my appointment for my Covid test.
Hope you’ll have a nice week with nice weather, here it’s back to grey and cold! This afternoon I am going to bake an apple crumble!

4 commentaires:

  1. Your Valentine flowers are lovely. We had a quiet dinner at home that was very enjoyable.
    You must be getting excited about your upcoming trip. It will surely be sunny there!

  2. Beautiful flowers! I am sure it will be so nice to travel and see your son and his wife!

  3. That is a beautiful arrangement of white flowers. Enjoy the apple crumble!!

  4. What gorgeous flowers, so elegant. I bet your apple crumble turned out delicious. You are very close to your trip now!


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