jeudi 3 février 2022

Candlemas and pancakes.

 Yesterday it was Candlemas and today I baked pancakes. 
When February arrives, the sun  🌞 and Spring are not too far away.
In my pancakes I put some Rhum and on top vanilla sugar.

At the moment, I have problems to leave comment on blogs, sorry.
When I am writing I just heard a bird knocked in the new windows, it happens everyday. They are not used to plain windows!
This is my creation years ago I printed a vintage photo on fabric.

This one I bought it in a Castle in Brittany a few years ago.
This afternoon I will read and finish my book.
Next week I am going to start painting my kitchen cabinets.
I hope blogger will allow me to leave comments very soon . For the moment I try and try without any success.
See you soon.

6 commentaires:

  1. I have just learned that pancakes belong to Candlemas. We have no traditions about Candlemas in Norway. I didn't know about it, but I made pancakes yesterday!

  2. A Canadian blogger friend just posted about Candlemas and pancakes too. I had no idea about pancakes and our Candlemas is Groundhogs Day.

  3. We love crepes and that's what we ate yesterday. I've always put vanilla extract in my crepes but next time I'll try Rum.

  4. Your Candlemas pancakes look delicious. A number of people have trouble leaving comments. It's so strange. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  5. Wonderful photos. I like the red bowl!

  6. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par un administrateur du blog.


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