mercredi 2 février 2022

A reading day.

 Today, i went to do some shopping and I found some last sale!

Last week I saw some Yankee candles at half price because they were Xmas perfumed candles. A small Christmas magic and a big  Christmas Eve cocoa. They are nice winter perfumes!

On Saturday I found a book the story of Agatha Raisin a kind of Miss Marple and this afternoon I am having a rest reading , drinking coffee with the light and perfume of my candles!

Drinking coffee in my Blue tit Emma Bridgewater tea cup. I love Blue Tits.

The Amaryllis is growing, but no sign of colour yet.

Hope you enjoyed your day.

4 commentaires:

  1. Reading and drinking tea out of a pretty mug is a wonderful way to spend a winter's day.

  2. It's always a pleasure to check in with you.

  3. I like how you put some moss around the base of your Amaryllis. I'll find some moss and do that too. A day set aside for reading and enjoying a cup of coffee is the perfect way to pass the time away.

  4. Yur amaryllis will probably grow MUCH taller!


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