jeudi 18 août 2022

Happy Birthday 🎈!

 Today Maxime is four months and grandma baked a small heart fruit cake with Maxime candles that we will lit tonight! His mum will eat it and as she is feeding him he will get some of my Birthday cake in her milk!

We won’t see him for his first year, so this is why I decided to make a Birthday 🎂 cake

This is a fruit cake and I baked another one and I tasted some and it is quite good ( first time I make fruit cake with almond powder inside “Miam!”

I have a LOT to do and I hope I’ll be fit enough.

Grandpa ‘s new car broke down and  it is difficult to have it repaired on time.mine is American and grandad a European one (I will not give the brand but…he is not very pleased we could have had a very serious accident!)

But we will use mine to go on holidays fortunately!

3 commentaires:

  1. It's fun to celebrate any time. Sorry about the car. Glad to know the American car is still reliable.

  2. Fruit cake sounds delightful. I enjoy a well-made fruit cake.
    I'm happy at least one of your cars is reliable so you can go on your holiday with no worries.

  3. The cake is cute and I think it was a great idea.
    So sorry about the car!


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