samedi 13 août 2022

Maxime discovering the 🌎 world !

Here is Me Maxime travelling with mum and dad to visit my grandma and grandpa for the first time.
I took the plane and travelled in my little bed for 7and a half hours, then 2 hours drive to my grandparents home.

 I was very calm and slept well during the flight
I discovered many new things especially in the forest behind the house. Never seen a tree and leaves moving in the wind the only trees I know are palm trees! 🌴 

My dad has left this morning with my aunt and uncle
To 🇮🇸 Iceland to see the volcano which is in activity these days. Just for the long weekend.

So I am staying with mum and my grandparents for the weekend it is very hot, but it should be 10 degrees less tomorrow and we should go for long walks and see the birds and trees.
See you soon.

3 commentaires:

  1. Hello Maxime! So glad you traveled well and are enjoying your visit.

  2. You are such a little sweetheart, Maxime. I'm sure your grandparents are having a wonderful time cuddling you and watching you discover the world.


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