vendredi 24 juin 2022

A smile 😃 for the weekend !

 Hello friends!

I am Maxime and I now smile! And my hair is growing ! Happy Weekend to you!
I just received this photo this morning from my son. He still is not feeling too well after his Covid.
He went back home after one week in a hotel and it is very hot  in Dubai 52 C not usual for June, it is usually august temperature, so Max can’t go out.

Some time ago I found this « Chromo lithography » in a brocante.
It dates back to 1912.
I like this kind of fruit and flower still life
They really are vintage .
It was all dusty and I had to clean it, but now it looks fine.
I love all the details , the glass of wine, the roses I found it very romantic.

We are still having heat, rain and thunder, a lot of humidity in the air.
This week end the heat is coming down, but we don’t complain here , others in France have their houses destroyed by hailstones the size of a tennis 🎾 ball! Their speed was of a hundred kilometers !
The roofs, windows and cars have been destroyed and the rest destroyed by floods !
We are really scared of this strange weather!

4 commentaires:

  1. What a little darling Maxime is. Adorable! The vintage art is very pretty, and I wonder where you will hang it?
    We are expecting sun and warmth this weekend and into next week and I am so looking forward to it.
    One of my daughters has Covid and is having some unusual and worrisome side effects. I hope your son soon recovers.

  2. I had not heard of a hailstorm in France. What terrible weather!
    The still life that you found is lovely! So is that darling little Maxime. I hope your son feel completely well again very soon.

  3. Catherine! Maxime is just so adorable! I'm glad your son is home and hope he is soon feeling normal again.


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